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Stonegate Nursing jobs and Treatment is located in Jupiter, Florida. “Stonegate Residences is mostly a full-service older living facility which offers residents an exceptional living and hospitality offerings. The mission of Stonegate Residences is to make the move to the next level of their lives as easy as possible. At Stonegate, you’ll be surrounded by people that love you for your personality and your reward to the environment. They are dedicated to creating stonegate health rehab a community where one can live life to the fullest. inches

In addition to an onsite doctor on call and a full provider fitness center, residents have access to a pool and a gym. They also have a designated adventure adviser and a physical trainer who will design and style a unique fitness and wellness program suitable for you and consider you by using a personalized health training program that could take you from to be a beginner to a seasoned sportsman. The solutions offered at Stonegate Nursing and Rehabilitation will be centered around keeping residents healthy by using a combination of diet education, state-of-the art equipment, therapy, physical exercise classes and supervised sociable activities. The treatments make use of such methods as therapeutic massage, nutritional counseling, electro-mechanical stimulation, mild therapy and music remedy to help people recover. Stonegate Nursing and Rehab also offer residents occupation assistance and job placement as required.

There are several areas in which citizens can access help. You will discover five centers including two onsite facilities and four mobile clinics. Residents have the choice of onsite treatment or they can choose to go to one of many mobile clinics. Mobile clinics are staffed by licensed nutrition pros who provide you with personalized treatment plans to each patient regarding to their specific requirements. These treatment centers offer physical exercise classes and workouts that target the particular needs of each patient. Citizens have access to an onsite dietitian and personal trainer as well as medical experts who can help out with any of a number of health concerns which includes but not restricted to nutrition and weight loss.

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